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Camera Accessories At Pro Centre

We now stock a wide range of tripods from Gitzo, Induro, Manfrotto and Sachtler. We also have wind machines, meters, smoke machines, steamers and other accessories, including the Profoto Air and PocketWizard remote control/triggering devices. 

NEW Profoto Connect TTL remote for Canon, Nikon, Sony & Fuji.  Simple TTL button-free trigger that you can use in conjunction with the App on your iPhone to control the power on A1/A1x and B10/B10+ units

NEW Manfrotto 058B tripod - supplied with 405 head. Unique design allows you to release legs individually or simultaneously

NEW Sekonic L858D meter with incident and spotmeter capability built-in.  Measures flash and ambient light

   Meters, Accessories & Remotes