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We provide a wide range of grip equipment from polyboards to boom arms, background support systems to magic arms.

NEW Instagrid One portable battery pack - powers all kinds of kit: LED, tungsten or flash lighting, computers, monitors, wind/smoke machines - anything that runs on 230-250v. Huge capacity: a silent, green and convenient alternative to petrol generators

NEW LensGo Smoke B mini fog machine - ideal for snall sets and table-top shoots

NEW Manfrotto D650 heavy duty boom with single wind-up stand 

NEW Mattews Magic stand/boom with runway base & conterweight 

NEW Connect Pro remote control with large, intuitive display, 100 channels in 6 groups, Bluetooth control via Profoto's App (iOS or Android) 

NEW Innovativ Voyager 42 location art supplied with quick release monitor mount and cable hooks

NEW Magliner Senior location cart 

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