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Profoto at Pro Centre

Our Profoto rental rates remain very competitive, some reduced by up to 25%.   We add the latest kit as it becomes available.

Pro Centre is a Profoto dealer, so you can 'try before you buy' if we have the item you're considering in our hire stock. We will refund a day's rental charge if you subsequently buy that item (if over £500 in value) within 30 days of the hire.

NEW Instagrid One portable battery pack - powers Profoto packs and heads. Huge capacity (approx 2500 full-power flashes from a 2400j pack) - a silent, green and convenient alternative to petrol generators

NEW 180 & 120 Soft Zoom freflectors and Soft Grids create both soft and hard light and everything in between

NEW 12-24 degree Zoom Spot attachment fits all Profoto heads (except A series) supplied wioth gobos and aperture masks 

NEW Hive fresnel spot with barn doors fits all Profoto Monobloc heads, such as the D1 & D2, B1X, B10x etc

NEW Mola Euro and Demi beauty dishes distinctive even core of light surrounded by a smoothly graduated feathered edge, ideal for portraiture

NEW A2 Compact 100w/s flash head with Bluetooth control via Profoto's App (iOS or Android) 400 full power flashes with each battery

NEW A10 Profoto's updated flash unit with Bluetooth connectivity is now available for Fuji, Sony, Canon and Nikon to hire, buy or 'try-before-you-buy' Grid Sets, and Soft Bounce diffusers now available to hire or buy too!

NEW Clic accessories for A series: Octa 2', 2.3' & 2.7' Softboxes and Softgrids, Clic Fresnel, Clic Magnum with grid, Clic Barndoors, Clic Snoot, OCF adapter II and Clic grid and filter sets 

NEW OCF 1X4 softbox, with Softgrids and Stripmasks, OCF 3' Octa

NEW Connect Pro remote control with large, intuitive display, 100 channels in 6 groups, Bluetooth control via Profoto's App (iOS or Android) 

We are the only UK Rental company with the full range of Profoto spotlights, plus striplights, beauty dishes and the parabolic 'Giant' reflectors.

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    Profoto Mains Powered Packs

    Profoto Standard & Special Heads

    Profoto D1 & D2 Monoblocs

    Profoto B1X AirTTL

    Profoto B10 AirTTL

    OCF Accessories For B1, B2 & B10 Systems

    Softboxes (Mounting Rings inc.)

    Profoto Air System

    Reflectors & Light Shapers

    Giant Reflectors, Para's & Umbrellas