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Pro Centre now sells Canon EOS system cameras, lenses and accessories - and because we rent them too, you can also 'try before you buy'. Hire the item you're considering and we will refund a day's rental charge if you subsequently buy that item (if over £500 in value) within 30 days of the hire.

A selection of the Canon equipment that we generally keep in stock is shown below, please call if you need anything that's no listed. 

WINTER CASHBACK DEAL:  Canon will give you up to £700 cashback on purchases made up to the 16th January 2024 - examples below

Canon R5 body £250 Cashback 

RF Zooms 15-35mm f2.8L £250 Cashback RF 24-70 f2.8 £250 Cashback RF 24-105mm f4 £150 Cashback RF 28-70mm f2 £350 Cashback  RF 70-200 f2.8 £350 Cashback

RF Primes 24mm f1.8 £100 Cashback 50mm f1.2 £250 Cashback  85mm f1.2 £350 Cashback  100mm f2.8 macro £200 Cashback

Full details available at 

AND you can also claim:

CASHBACK DEAL:  Canon have announced a 'Lens Reward' promotion - if you've bought a R series mirrorless camera since 1st August 2022 (proof of purchase required) you can claim up to £300 cashback when you buy addtional RF lenses. Full details available at  

NEW Canon EOS-R mirrorless cameras and RF lenses are now available to hire, buy, hire or try-before-you buy!

We can advise you how best to finance your investment, including leasing options from Photolease

All prices on our website are subject to VAT

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