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Siros S Monoblocs are now better value than ever.  These intuitve yet advanced units offer short flash durations, fast recycling and unrivaled colour constancy thanks to the ECTC technology developed for the Scoro power packs.  Features include 9 stop power range, high-speed mode and compatibility with the RFS2.2 system for remote control. 

NEW broncolor RFS 2.2 transceivers are now available enabling HSS (high speed sync) when using your Canon, Nikon or Sony camera with Siros & Siros L Monoblocs and Move packs 

broncolor also have a large range of light shapers, from their industry renowned Parabolic reflectors, including the Para 88, Para 133, Para 177 and Para 222, to a full range of softboxes, compatible with various manufacturer's lamp heads, and quick and easy to put together using a simple colour coding system.

See the 'beauty of broncolor' at, Some of the more popular itrems are listed below, call for further details 

We can advise you how best to finance your investment, including leasing options from Azule and Photolease 

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